Why can't commitment phobes just leave you alone?

They don't want to be committed to you, but they for whatever reason, will not leave you alone. The moment you start to go on with your life, they come back and want to "talk". You make it clear to them you want a relationship, but they still want to associate with you AND not make any sort of effort to give you what you would like. Why can't they just find some other girl?

I treat guys well and with a lot of respect. I believe in the traditional roles in relationship where the man should be respected no matter what, and I for one don't mind being the submissive one in the relationship. I remain faithful, dedicated, and I help provide anything I can for my man. I've been seeing this guy for a little over 4 months, and he's almost a textbook commitment phobe. I'm not a clingy person at all, so I don't mind going a week without talking to him. I know what he's offering isn't what I want and I've stated that, but for whatever reason, he keeps on keeping contact with me, and I don't understand it. Yes, I treated him great, but he can't expect to get that out of a relationship forever. Everything is always on his terms and when he wants it. I don't see why he can't just find someone else to try and bring down. No lie, I care about him a lot, but sometimes you just have to use your head and let it go.
Why can't commitment phobes just leave you alone?
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