What should I do? Guy friend tells me he's not in the mood for my feelings now. I don't know how I should feel?


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  • Define "guy friend" first of all because the response is based on what exactly he is to you. I'd say he's just too upset at the time to talk, just leave him alone and give him some time. Talk to him later about them.

    • We sleep together he has told me he loves me but I don't believe him but I do care about him. And I guess I am in my feelings cause I see him doing things that kinda makes me wonder why am I making myself so available to him and he can't do the simplest things that I ask for. So I have a problem with that

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    • But I do think he was in his feelings when he said he loved me cause It's not like I asked or showed him that's what I want it's just crazy that he can feel how he wants to feel and I'm suppose to keep my feelings to myself. So you saying if he cared about me he would have listened to me express my feelings

    • Yes. It wouldn't be all about him. And I have no doubt that he THINKS he loves you, just maybe doesn't know what true love is. You don't treat someone you love like that. Not in my opinion anyway.

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  • Look to someone else for emotional venting and support right now. Men can only take so much of it before they need space to not focus on emotions and to tend to their own needs. It a lot harder for men to pay attention to emotions and process them (their own or other people's) than it is for women, they need time-out intervals.

  • Don't waste your feelings on him, that easy.

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