Is he emotionally manipulating me?

So this guy is strangely clingy. He makes me miss my ex like crazy because of how open my ex was to everything that I wanted and really supported me no Matter what. This guy is always telling me that if I don't sleep in the same bed as him then he refuses to let me sleep, which to Me sounds a little emotionally abusing. He also, every time he does something wrong says "I don't change" but expects me to if I do something he doesn't like, it doesn't seem fair to me that he tells Me he loves me but for some reason is ok threatening to go to a hotel for the Night and seeing me cry. He doesn't like it when I said if this continues then I have to break up with him cause my health is important to me as I suffer from OCD, anxiety and depression but isn't threatening to leave to a hotel if he doesn't get what he wants sort of the same as threatening to leave him?
Is he emotionally manipulating me?
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