Is he shy or just not into me?

So I like this guy from my college who I haven't spoken to in person yet but I added him on fb and we were talking through messenger.
Our conversations aren't amazing like we talked about maths and the tutors but no real flirting I supose but it's complicated how we talk, however he does use kissy emoj's when he says night to me. anyway I don't know if I'm being over dramatic but I'm just confused because I have text him first twice, the first being when we first started talking and the second being the second day and then on the third day he didn't text me at all and I didn't cos I was waiting to see if he did. I messaged him on the second day to ask of his plans and he said he was going to a football game so I said we could have met up if you wanted blah blah blah and the game didn't start until half five so we could have hung out until then? I'm just really confused and need advice cos he looks at me all the time in class and sends kissy faces, if any one could help that would great by the way I haven't seen him in college yet as i messeged him when I got home and I have 4 days until my next day at college so I haven't spoken to him properly yet.
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Also I realised he could be a little shy cos in one of the lessons two girls sat on the same table as him and they talked to him but he didn't really flirt or do what a guy who isn't shy would do but he kind of laughed with them and wasn't too big on talking with them plus they are very loud girls
Is he shy or just not into me?
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