Why were I shaken when I saw him? I don't understand?

He is my ex since like two months ago, and I was the one who decided to break up because I don't really love him and he is the type who would always borrow money. It took me months to decide it. But we did have some good times together. I am in another country and today I saw him from the taxi window. He was with a woman, but I don't care who she is. It's just shook me to see him, especially that we had an issue right before breaking up. Why do you think I felt so shaken?


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  • I would feel the same way when seeing an ex especially if I knew how much we bonded. But its a good thing that you decided to end it. Im sure it was tough for you to do that. But I would have done the same thing. I can't stand men who use women. That really bothers me.


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  • You have deep feeling for him. When your body experiences an autonomic response like that, it's your nerves that reacts on a sub conscious level. He may have hurt you and your conscious mind knows he's bad for you, but you guys must've had a lot of good times with each other, and you probably loved him at one point.

  • Maybe he owes you free bucks and you wanna ask him to repay 😝

    • no. He owes me but he failed to pay me when I needed it. I was the one who asked him to stay away and not pay me anything.

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    • no lol. I even did not see her face!

    • OK... just reminded You of your days
      it's OK you don't wanna talk about it unless you want to

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