Do guys say mean things out of retaliation?

For the past month, I have been 'talking' to a PT at the Gym.
It was his idea to start 'talking'. We went on a date couple of weeks ago -- slowly I have stopped speaking to him. Yesterday he randomly messaged me to see how I was doing (we have seen each other at the gym but don't really talk as he is training clients). Today, I saw him at the GYm and decided to go up to him and say 'hi' then he complimented me saying 'you are looking good' and I responded 'I am not doing it for you' (which I really regret saying, only said it as he was being super cocky in our convo) and then what hurt was him saying "I don't want you anyway"...

I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but it does. Just wanted to know if he would have meant it or it was just his response to what I had said...
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When I get complimented I just shut my mouth and say 'thanks' I don't know why I was being rude.
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Just to put this in more perspective - yesterday he had texted me as mentioned saying how I am crazy in a good way and how he likes that because I am different like him.
Do guys say mean things out of retaliation?
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