Extremely interested in me, but... not for long?

Almost two weeks I met sexy attractive girl in the club (but it was small club who has home atmosphere). She was very into me since the beginning, naturally I approach her, everthing was spontanous, we were dancing, talking a lot about us (outsite the dancefloor), I got to know her friend, she did with mine and everybody liked each other. I notice most girls started to being interested in me, random guys told me "nice catch" (i hated it) We are going to see each other next Friday. However when she met me I was wearing a stylish beanie (I have great sense of style - streetwear wise, good dancer and was extremely confident), but unfortunetly I have large forehead and receding hairline (hair transplant next year), but I am not going to cover it anymore. However I looked much better with beanie. I am afraid she will suddenly lose attraction towards me.

She is also very good looking, but I am quite average with beautiful eyes (i would look good if i was't balding and skinny). It would also be a social plessure.


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  • different girls like different things, so there is no way to tell for sure wether she will lose attraction or not. If she was really into you, I wouldn't think it would be much of a problem. Overall, I wouldn't put too much stress on it

  • u can't know without trying

    • You would be dissapointed?

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