My dream girl doesn't exist?

I fell in love and had my heart shattered, It was hard. I might fall in love again one day, I might not, who knows?

It made me realize that my dream girl does not exist in this world.

I just want a smart girl, who is easy going and funny. She won't play mind games, will be honest and understand me.

Now there are lots of girls like this I'm sure, but when you factor in that I'm really shy, reserved and its hard for me to open up... I just haven't clicked with anyone I've dated, it feels impossible to find her. I just want to naturally click with a girl who puts in a bit of effort too.

I just feel so alone, and this girl I want just doesn't exist. I'm sad, I really just want a deep connection with someone but It's hard to accept I will never have that.

I guess I feel really unloved, Will a girl ever just love me for who I am?


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  • She exists. You just haven't found her yet. You might just need to go out more

    • Thank you :)

      I hope she does, I am an introvert... So I don't know where to meet people, I don't like going to bars and clubbing.

    • There are more places to meet people than bars and clubs. Unfortunately I'm an introvert too so I'll let you know when I find them

    • Lol thanks

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  • I feel where you're at man. Sucks donkey balls.


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  • your still pretty young, you just gotta have faith and you'll find her, my mom always thought me, stop looking for love, and love will find you. trust me, it works amasimg, try it, Christmas is the time of wonder, maybe you'll find your dream girl after all

    • I try not to focus on it, but I just feel so lonely...

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    • well try, and go somewhere that doesn't have very many people, play some games, goto a bar, etc

    • if you have friends, go hang with them for a while, its hard to say. im not shy so i won't be very much help

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