Does he still like me?

So this guy I work with has had a crush on me since I started working which was around 3 months ago. I just found out through another coworker. We're two years in age difference and that's why we're quite close to each other. After finding out he likes me back, I didn't change my perspective on him and I just acted the same and so did he. I've also been having relationship problems with my boyfriend (even before I started working) who I had just broken up with a couple days ago, and he was open to conversation and he would always ask about him, always ask about what I'm gonna do.
After work one night, we spent some time alone, did such an innocent hangout (or date, as my other coworker described it) and we went out and played at the arcade and shared some ice cream. All innocent, teenage, lovey dovey things.
But after the event, I guess I started to feel different and act closer to him than I usually ever was. After the constant flirtationship and finding out I broke up with my boyfriend, he's been acting different. Almost as if he's scared of me. He is sooooo awkward with me now. We don't flirt as much but I can see he still tries to but he's almost trying to stop himself. What's going on? Does he not like me anymore after finding out I may slightly like him back?


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  • very confusing
    Maybe he is scared ... what if he is the reason or you think he is taking advantage of you knowing you are just broke up

    • My coworker has been constantly teasing us and after finding out I had proper closure with my ex and started acting closer to him, he's suddenly acting different. And what do you mean by taking advantage?

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    • hahaha im not leaking anything LOL and thanks! will do

    • 😂😂
      you had Romedy now get ready
      all the best

  • Maybe likes you but doesn't wanna be your rebound. Sit him down and talk to him.

    • Does that explain why he's acting different?

    • it could. its a possibility, I honestly can't know for sure

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