Is it true that attraction has an expiration period?

Hello there, I've been attracted to my friend's sister that I've met for like a month ago. He knows the situation, since I told him about it.

Then, we were out with friends and all last Friday, then at the end she said to me "you are cool", I don't know if she was flirting.

However, soon enough I have to pass some exams in my university and therefore I wouldn't like to go out with her that soon. I mean I prefer to take some time before dating her.

Does attraction has an expiration date?
I like this girl, but would like to take my time before asking her out. Should I go faster or is it ok to go slowly?

Looking forward to your answers,

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  • Yeah it has an expiration date. I mean, I lose interest in a girl after a month if she doesn't give any indication she feels the same way. After that there isn't much that'll attract me to her again.

    • Oh well, so one month is the expiration period according to you. That's cool, I guess I should move things up and ask her out within a week.

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  • Yes right I after I put my clothes back on 😂

  • yes because we will all be ugly when we are old

    • Haha. In my opinion, human can become physically ugly with time however it conserves its awesomess deep down in his soul ☺️

    • yes I agree