I'm scared of coming off too needy and desperate and want to seem like a good catch to a man's eye. Am I making a good move here?

I have always been scared of being too needy in relationships and it's probably because i am in some ways so I try to hide it. I guess I'm playing a game with texting which I know is really dumb. I wait to respond for an extended period of time so I seem busy and it makes the guy wonder more about me and hopefully makes him like me more, but I really get tired of playing the game and just want to text when I feel like it which is really all the time lol. I went out with a guy on 2 dates now and I have been actually responding very late with texts like hours in between sometimes, but now I want to respond sooner. Will that give him too much power now? or i should i continue to respond like how i always have so it keeps him interested in me like having him "chase" me? I'm afraid he'll think he already has me now.


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  • This is your choice. You can't judge yourself as needy when you don't even know that you are. Being needy can take on many different forms, and texting and wanting attention is not always one of them. Simply put. If you don't want to come off as needy, stop being afraid that you are coming off as needy. Don't play games when texting people. EVER. Because they will see it as you not being serious with them. You're a young adult now. People have things to do and are busy with life. They fit you into their schedule, not the other way around. A simplE text of 'HI. How are you doing?' Is perfectly okay. Don't go overboard with just that and wait for a reply if you trust that person enough.

    KEYWORD: Trust.

    If you don't have that, then why are you still texting and seeing him? If you request for a 3rd date, state that in your next text and wait for his responses.