I have decided to move on, do I owe her an explanation?

The girl I like has a boyfriend, we got close the last couple of months she trust me too deeply and we share everything together, she gave me mixed signals a lot of the times but I am tired of all this.
This relationship is effecting my daily life too much, I can't stop thinking about her and can't fathom the idea that she is with someone else so I decided to just move on and end this weird relationship we got.
Now my question is should I just keep my distance and stop communication with her or whats my best move here?
I value our friendship a lot but I know this won't work in the long run and it will only end badly in the end...
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I still do like her... and I can't be "friends" with her, that would be dishonest relationship and won't end good for neither of us.
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@mostwomenshouldstfu I understand what you are saying and agree with you, thanks for your reply.

@mooky06 yes I am too deep emotionally but I am now ready to move on, I have invested too much time on her already, can't waste more for nothing...

If she reach out for me and I know she will, what should I do?
I have decided to move on, do I owe her an explanation?
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