Why is it I can't keep an open eye for multiple women?

Why is it I get tunnel vision with the women I'm interested in like I believe it's why I'm not successful at dating. I typically only crush on one girl at a time and the feelings always get pretty intense to the point where I feel devastated either she rejects me or I find out she has a boyfriend. Most other guys don't have this problem because as soon as they get rejected they quickly move on to the other options so are some guys just wired this way

Thanks again


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  • that's soooo nice. i wish all guys were like you. yeah, it might suck when she's not into you, but when you find the right girl, she will LOVE that about you. be patient.

    • Will it really happen

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    • Sometimes i think I'm too soft

    • again some women won't like it others will. just have to try and learn the difference

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  • in a way, that's a good thing. because when you do finally get in a relationship you most likely won't have that problem. to me as a girl, there's nothing more relieving than a guy who has eyes only for me- i don't have to worry about him seeking out other women haha.

    • Yeah I have always been this way

  • i am the same way but with guys. when i like someone he is tj only one i think about


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  • It's normal and if you do keep your eyes open all the time it will never feel special when a girl does say yes. You just have to limit the damage by not falling for a girl to quickly: first find out if she has a boyfriend and could even be remotely interested in you.

  • Dude can we switch? I have a hard time keeping my options *closed.*

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