Should she leave him?

I have a friend. She's one of my best friends and her parents are strict on her but she has a boy friend and they've been together for 2 years or something close or more than that. And so they don't get to see each other really because her parents don't like him since they are like strict and stuff on her. But today she told me that her boyfriend told her that he cheated on her twice... once when they first got together... and another time about 3 months ago... so my question is should she break up with him? or should she just move on?


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  • She should break up with him and move on from him. But u as a friend u have to advice her, and let her come with her own conclusion

    • yes I have her my opinion I said if it was me then I'd leave but I told her make a decision based on what she feels is right n what's best

    • gave** her

    • Yea, because that is a huge hit. But give ur advice and if she wavers just remind her that she deserves better. :)

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  • she needs to dump him

  • First of all, it matters whether or not she is bothered by it. If she really doesn't like it, it is her choice whether or not to leave him. Secondly, it depends on the nature of the cheating and the reason to it.

    • ok so she told me that the girl gave him two STDs. and that she made him pay for abortion. So should she leave him?

    • It's looking like the other girl is the bad guy here. If she really still loves her boyfriend after that cheating, I'd say she doesn't have to leave him.

  • i think she needs to decide. i don't think cheating is okay no matter th circumstance but i wonder if he did it because he rarely sees her

    • Maybe it was that. she did tell me that he told her that if her parents keep letting him not see her then he was gonna have to leave.

    • that is definitely it then. he has needs!

    • yeah but if he really liked her he shouldn't need to cheat. There's just no excuse. Better that he ended it with her before hitting it up with another girl

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