Rarely and/or never getting matches from online dating - is it because of bad pictures or bad style (or both and more)?

I was thinking of getting one of my photographer friends to take some photos of me for online dating but I'm kind of embarrassed to ask... but I was wondering if I need to switch up my style.

but I'm curious what G@G thinks is more important - pics or style... or both?

  • Bad pictures (like quality, choice of pics, facial expressions... etc)
  • Bad style (your dress sense, appearance... etc)
  • Or probably both... maybe even more
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  • it is probably a combo of both but hard to say without seeing it myself. i can say that having all professional photos would also seem odd to me. you have to seem like a regular, cool guy, not someone who cares so much about a profile that he's got enough time to go take professional shots for it.

    • I think it's a combo too... I could send a link to what I look like

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    • Fuck might as well, its retard... I just downloaded bumble. I'll probably erase it in a week.

    • I might have to cut my hair short and rock just the stubble again

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  • I can't say unless I see the profile

    • I erased it, but I have some friends who get multiple matches daily and I'm just confused why I can't... is it a long hair & slight facial hair thing?

  • Both. It's amazing what crappy, stupid pictures a lot of guys put up on dating sites. I don't understand how they think that they look good in them.


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