My friend and I have been talking about taking the next step for 5-6 months now. He wanted to wait and see what happened. what do I do?

He had just recently gotten out of a relationship a month or two before we started flirting. We had been friends before but nothing ever came of it until about mid-June. We hung out and spent the Fourth of July weekend hanging out and it was great but he wanted to take things slow and stay friends until we were both sure we wanted to, I was okay with it because I knew he was still getting over his ex. It's now Nov 27th, and we have hung out several times and talk a lot still, but I am getting tired of waiting. I have frequently expressed that I still like him and he said he was getting up the nerve to ask me out but then he heard some rumors and I promptly shot them down because the weren't true. Other people have come up to me and asked if we were dating and when I told them we weren't they said we would be so cute together. What do I get him to ask me out already?


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  • How long did he date his ex? How old are ya and how long ya known each other?

    • They dated for maybe a year and a half? And we are both 16.

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    • Why don't you ask him out?

    • Because when we have talked about dating he always says he was going to to ask me. Plus he is kinda "old fashioned" and I feel like he would think it would be weird if I did. But I am open to anything I guess.. thank you:)

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  • If you are so eager, why don't you ask him out instead?
    This is a modern age where girls can ask a guy out...
    Since it is difficult to get him to ask you out...

    • I might try that. Mostly the reason I haven't done it before was because he is a little "old fashioned" it I guess a better phrase is that he is a gentleman and I think he would think it was weird if I asked him out.

  • I swear I love ur question!! I love wen a girl loves a guy and helps him ask her out... I wish i could know aw dat feels

    • Thank you! From a guys point of view what do you think I should do?

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