he's confused between me and an ex?

We've been dating for about 4 months now. Our connection is undeniable, and both have strong feelings for each other. But recently he told me his ex has been contacting him and trying to make things work. They dated only 5 months 4 months prior. Anf at first he was hiding me from her... apparently she has stirred up some passed feelings and he is now confused on what to do. He has told her the same things he's told me, that he wants to be single to clear his head. Hebloves us both. I want to give him his space so he can figure things out, but I am worried if I let go and go the friend route (he still wants me in his life) I'll lose him. Instinct tells me to fight for us (NOT fight over him) and not give up, but I'm worried this will push him away. I feel iv lost him already. I'm fighting for us and he's not fighting at all. How can he not know what he wants... when before she came back he was all about me and a life together. . I'm just as confused as he is. Any suggestions?


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  • I feel as if he is confused about what he wants. If his feelings were extremely strong for you, he wouldn't question or feel confused over it. I mean give him space, but do tell him how you feel. And if he isn't fighting for you, then maybe you have your answer.

    Maybe you need to subtract yourself from the figure and he himself will realize what he will lose.

    • When I found out about she stopped talking to him and he then chose me. For a week. But them she gave him a love note and he got all confussed again and it's been 9 days since then.

    • If it is meant to be it will happen. Because if he was so sure about his love for you even after choosing you the first time, he wouldn't question it a second time

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  • Love does not fight. Let go, if he is yours, he will stay.

    • What do mean?

      I think both people need to always fight to stay together. If only one person is... then it's almost hopeless

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