Should I make a move or move on?

Alright girl and guys story time :/
There is this girl I have been friends with for the last 3 years and I have been wanting her for just as long but she dose not see me the same Way or at least did not she told someone when they asked how she felt about me "don't do this to me we are just really good friends" but over the last 2 weeks (after she said that) we have been hanging out like very day and I can't tell if things are changing just today we went to a play just us and she bought me a cookie (not that that is important but still) we have played the sexy game who's the biggest slut so it's safe to say she's very comfortable around me she's not a girly girl by any means but I'm actually like going crazy here and don't know ere else to turn. We do swim team every morning so she's one of the first people I see almost every day be for high school. There is a school dance coming up and she took me to prom last year as a friend to be part of a group of friends and it was a really fun time I have asked her to this dance very causally but she's not sure if she wants to go. Should I ask her more formally to go or just leave it how it is? And if she says yes should I try to make a move during the dance or should I just give up now and try to find a different girl? (Sorry for how little sense this probably made) :D (photo from prom just cause why not)Should I make a move or move on?


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  • Dont give up on something you want, take chances. keep hanging out more and ask her to prom and tell her how you feel, you won't know until you try, she could actually like you but it could be hard for her to show it, but also she could just want to stay friends but give it a try.


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  • I saw the comment, saying move on and the other about the body language not being there.

    And while those opinions aren't completely wrong, I will say this man, a girl can show you all the signs in the world, and from an outside perspective someone will tell you, bro why aren't you dating her she's so into you, and I'm talking holding hands, sharing food and drinks, hands around waist, text, having your stuff in her locker, saying I love you and this girl can still not be into you.

    But a girl that doesn't appear to be into you with body language and her actions, can actually just be conservative and reserved and actually as nervous as you are and be ABSOLUTELY into you.

    My opinion is make the move, let your actions speak louder than any words you're thinking of saying. You're not forcing yourself on her, you're GOING in for a kiss or a lingered touch on the hand or arm, some kind of physical touch that will let you see where you stand. She'll either contribute, seem confused or outright tell you that she's not for that.

    Don't waste time man, the best time is when things are as they are now & the friendship is at its highest point. Escape the friendzone brother, you can do it.

    • Thanks you dude for your response kinda interesting how every girl so far has been doom and guys are all hopeful but thanks seeing this gives me hope

    • No problem mate!! And yeah, I noticed that about the girls commenting haha. Sometime they choose to see things black and white.

      But good luck man, I hope you get her :)

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  • I can tell you from her body-language alone in this photo that she has no intimate feelings for you. There is literally no physical touching, her hips are angled away from you and so is her face. She doesn't want anything more than friends, guaranteed.

    • Ok maybe that was a bad photo with out an explanation she asked me to go to prom cause I can booty pop she wrote that on a sign and held it up in front of our hole drama class so she was popping a hip for the photo while I was booty popping I will add a different one or change it

    • Or I guess I can't

    • It's irrelevant why it was taken or what for, her body-language is her subconscious way of expressing what she feels for you, and there is zero intimacy there. Don't make excuses about it, you'll just drag it out and get more upset about it.

  • Sry dude, better move on.
    Also, no full stops for 7 lines of text... please learn how to use full stops.

    • "Sry" my English is not the strongest I was just trying to get my thoughts out I find trying make it perfect looses so much genuine feeling but I will try to make it better

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  • Try flirting with her and see how she reacts. If she reacts well then talk to her about how you feel. Maybe formally ask her if she wants to go with you to the dance as your date.

    • I went through something similar with my good female freind recently. If you want some more specific advice let me know and I'll see if I can help you.

    • Thanks bro really I might have to take you up on that sometime soon but really thanks :D

    • Your welcome good luck with her mate.

  • Tell her. If she is a good friend, she will accept it even if she doesn't feel the same.