Quick!! Is it a good time to ask her out?

Ok I am going to see this lovely lady shortly before noon so i need opinions fast. I want to ask her out to dinner. I've known her a couple months. I have dinner regularly at her appartment because im friends with her roommates and that is how i met her. We usually have dinner oe night a week then go to a group club on campus (we're college students). This week we dont have that meeting so i was thinking of asking her out for dinner. Just the two of us. What's a good way to say it? Is this a good time?


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  • It sounds like a good time. Just ask her if she would be interested in having dinner with you.


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  • Slap yourself across the face and repeat after me.

    It is ALWAYS a good time to ask her out.

    Now turn this shit off and go get it done.


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  • Dear SonnyDaze,

    arranging a date with a woman can be both exciting and stressfull. So one good quality to have, is a "cool head".
    After reading your story, I have not found any reason as to why you should postpone the dinner.
    As for the invitation itself, I suggest that you be honest, clear about your intentions, and try not to hide that excitement-induced smile. You could, of course, compliment the Lady, but do make sure the compliments are sincere.
    If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this topic, send a message and I will reply.

    Best regards, lijep pozdrav,

    • Thanks Mateo for your fast and detailed reply! I am going to do it. I do want to make ot clear to her its not just us hanging out.

  • yeah go for it

  • Yeah, buy her dinner :)