Is this a date?

I have a dinner group of 5 people, we eat together once a week. This week, there was some food event 3 of the others went to so we skip once.
I have develloped feelings for one guy (the one who doesn't attend the event), since some stuff happened ending up in a threeway (my first) with another girl of the dinner group. She's his ex and close friend. We're not weird at all since then. At a party, he and I kissed and he walked me home.

Now I had already prepared to eat alone, when he texted me if I wanted to have dinner with him this time since the rest was away.

Could it be a date?

(If you're gonna slut shame, please dont answer. thats irrelevant here)
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+1 y
Update: it didn't feel like a date, it felt friendly. But we enthousiastically and heatedly talked for 6 hours straight. About anything and everything. It was one of the most amazing conversations I've ever had!
Is this a date?
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