Is girlfriend losing interest in me?

Have been dating for 7 months, some of which has been long distance because of school. The first 5ish months were great, never fought and had sex nonstop.

Within the past 2 months, however, we have argued a LITTLE bit (nothing major) and the frequency of sex has gone down.

Is this his just normal in a long term relationship after the initial phase? Or is my girlfriend losing interest in me?
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Extra bits of info:
- My girlfriend is very needy
- We both love each other a lot, but sometimes it's not healthy
- if she doesn't show me enough attention I just ignore her, and vice versa she'll try to make me jealous
- we talk about the future all the time
- I can tell I'm starting to annoy her more than in the beginning (or at least she's showing it now) and her brattiness is really starting to annoy me

But I want to make it work, and as the guy I think I can steer the relationship back on trac
Is girlfriend losing interest in me?
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