Teacher student relationship.. is he interested?

so last year and me and my teacher would get along really well. he would compliment me and we would discretely flirt, call each other babe, etc. we showed each other bands and art and he would give me As (which no one else got)
at the end of the year he helped me with an design idea i had after school on the last day and gave me his personal email which he doesn't give out
i went back to visit him he told me he is finally single, how he's happy i came etc. kept telling me to keep emailing him when i said no bc he didn't answer the last one and then 10 mins later he said no email me i'll give you my number and my the end of our meet he gave me his number and said "i wanna see you again babe" .. i texted him to save my number and he never answered.. WHAT IS UP?
+1 y
he is in his late 30s and i'm a freshman in college
Teacher student relationship.. is he interested?
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