What should I do if she breaks up with her BF?


Girl I like;

We've went out once before, but due to my lack of experience (never had a girlfriend and first girl j ever took out in a proper date)
I made mistakes that made my personality unattractive and looked needy and clingy when it's not me.

With that being said how would j go about asking her out agian?

Currently we share a dance class together but j have told her I can't do 'just friends' so j don't initiate talking to her and keep my answers short. I don't text, tag, snapchat, message or anything to her

I have told her that the only reasons basically we should talk is if she's single or if she ever has a really bad day and she thinks no one cares or would listen that she can talk to me as I care about her but as more than a friend and I will always be there if she truly needs me ( but not as a friend)


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  • Just ask her if she would be interested in hanging out with you.


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  • wait efore asking her out