Why has he gone from so hot to cold?

So I went out on a date with this guy I had met out one night. First date went well and he was very complimentary afterwards and we carried on chatting after Two weeks he asked me out again twice ( as once I was busy) so we met up a second time and there was plenty of sparks ! We kissed ( for the first time) had a laugh danced a little and he had made a great effort in being a gentleman. Then he dropped me home and we chilled in his car for a while and kissed more and I went home. He messaged me straight afterwards and then we chatted that day. From then he went cold and hadn't heard from him at all ! As he had made such an effort I thought to ask him out after Afew days and we arranged a date but then neither of us spoke between then so when the day came, neither of us said anything and I haven't heard from him since. It's really weird ! He seemed attracted physically and we had things to talk about so why not message me again? Guys can you suss out what went wrong?

Thanks !


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  • If he's hot then he is cold he's yes then you're no
    You're in then you're out
    You're up then you're down
    You're wrong when it's right
    It's black and it's white
    You fight, you break up you kiss, you make up it could be because you're katy perry...

    No it sounds like you mighta waited too long to put out for him you know? I used to have a 3rd date rule. Super unfair but if they put out before or after 3rd date it was over. Maybe its number 2 for him.

    Or! Perhaps he was coming out of a starbucks sipping his organic venti cinnimon cream vanilla bean low fat vegan soy extract carmel drizzle with whipped cream espresso and a slight dash of nutmeg latte in his 100 percent recyclable cup complete with sleeve lid and ergonomic stir stick. He was about to text you but on his way out with his zucchini muffin, latte and all that other shit he dropped his phone. A crackhead near by saw all of this and attempted to rob him for said phone. You're date protested and the crackhead produced a semi automatic blued steel glock 17 from his waistband, there was a struggle but your boyfriend couldnt hold the latte and struggle with crackhead. The subject in question broke free and discharged 3 rounds, from the hip, 2 striking latte boy in the torso region. When mr. Latte went down he struck his head on or around the frontal lobes. Unfortunately mr latte succumbed to his injuries in the late hours of October to 22nd. He had no emergency contacts in his phone just a text ready to be sent to an incomplete number describing how completely you complete him in the most complete way.

    Such a cruel cruel world.

  • this mofo knows his game... . never let the bitch take you for granted. and always keep youroptions open.

    or he simply is too busy and you read too much into it.. .


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  • He probably has other options available. That's why.

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