Why has he gone from so hot to cold?

So I went out on a date with this guy I had met out one night. First date went well and he was very complimentary afterwards and we carried on chatting after Two weeks he asked me out again twice ( as once I was busy) so we met up a second time and there was plenty of sparks ! We kissed ( for the first time) had a laugh danced a little and he had made a great effort in being a gentleman. Then he dropped me home and we chilled in his car for a while and kissed more and I went home. He messaged me straight afterwards and then we chatted that day. From then he went cold and hadn't heard from him at all ! As he had made such an effort I thought to ask him out after Afew days and we arranged a date but then neither of us spoke between then so when the day came, neither of us said anything and I haven't heard from him since. It's really weird ! He seemed attracted physically and we had things to talk about so why not message me again? Guys can you suss out what went wrong?

Thanks !
Why has he gone from so hot to cold?
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