Do you think his brother told her about our secret?

Hello, I was attracted to my friend's sister so I told him that I was into her and that I would like to ask her out.

Making it clear that it should be kept between us, and should not reveal such a thing to his sister.

Today in college, while I was talking to a bunch of friends. It was time to go to class, so I turn myself to look back then I see my crush just behind me.

Our eyes met each other, and then she didn't even say "hi" or anything like she used to do. She looked at the floor and went straight to her class walking at her usual pace, not being late at all to her class.

I felt so much pain in my heart at that time, which really ruined my day. Couldn't think about anything else since this happened. My mind is yet unclear.

I would appreciate that you tell me what's going on, like do you think my friend told his sister about my feelings and do not reciprocate? Did I do something wrong? Is it a way to tell me to move on?

Looking forward to your precious opinions and votes,

Best regards
Ask her out and see what happens then
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Move on / she rejected you
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She's shy and don't know how to react
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Do you think his brother told her about our secret?
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