Guys, if a girl you are casually dating is moving away what would you do if you like her?

Say you have been on 4 dates (no sex), you actually like her and she is moving an hours flight away in 7 weeks (same country) (not necessarily permanently) which you knew about before the first date. What would you do? You're both mid 20s to 30s and at a similar stage in life.

Girls can answer too, I know if it was me I'd choose b), c) and d)

  • a) End things because there's no point in continuing even though you like her
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  • b) Continue to date her before she leaves to see where things go
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  • c) Agree with her to enjoy the time you have together before she leaves then end things
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  • d) Continue to date her with the hope that you could visit each other fairly regularly and eventually either of you relocate
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  • I would end it personally, in fact I wouldn't go out with her in the first place if she said she was leaving in a while anyway.

  • I don't get into anything unless i have the plan to keep things going.

  • Ot depends on the girl and how i feel.

    • Cool, so I'm assuming you'd only end things if you were just not that into her?

    • Most likely yes. Maybe if i had more hopes i would try to continue this from afar. Hard thing though. Urges are hard to control...

    • Thanks!

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