Some 16 year old weirdo (boy) wants to date a 14 year old girl, but I see some weird stuff about this... How can I react to this?

Alright, here's a story: My ex and I went back together on a Thursday three weeks ago, and on the next day she said that her mother doesn't want us to be together anymore. Nor even be friends; that was the time I was so depressed. So lately she contacted me on the internet (we have plans incase if we can't talk irl) that some friend of hers (more likely a 16 year old weirdo for me and my friends) has a crush on her, and I find something weird about that. I told my therapist about it, today she said that my ex didn't want to say anything about it and that they are "friends" so of course there is some shady stuff going on... I hate the weirdo, but seeing this coming from my ex just pisses me off. I have dealt with July to that date we got together, and then the next day we broke up. I said to myself if they are together I'm gonna move to Florida, because no one in real life likes me. This is a shady problem; considering I double check stuff every time. I am gonna answer my questions of what I want/feel. Q) Where are you know and why do you want to move to Florida? A) Puerto Rico, and I wanna move to Florida since I don't want to deal with depression anymore; and my uncles are there. Q) Why are you depressed? A) I don't got a lot of friends, its good to make friends although no one kinda wants me as a friend... Q) Why is the paragraph so short? A) Character limit; and also I'm not good at English. Q) How old are you and your ex now? A) We are both 14, my ex is gonna be 15 in December... Alright, so here's the questions: Is is considered OK if she goes out with a 16 year old weirdo? Is it wrong? How can I react to this? How can I calm down? I hope I can somehow fix this.

November 30th, 2016 UPDATE 1: One of my good friends decided to enter the investigation; and no there's no sign of "she asked him out" stuff. My glasses are broken, and I am half blind by letters and distance. We both can see quick, but I dunno if this could be tied to a recent drama that happened. I'll keep forward for updates.


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  • Well, you can't do anything about that now. She is your ex and that is how it's going to be left. She can date whoever she wants to date. You don't have to react to it. Except drop it and move on. Your only 14. You're going to go through difficult times in life. But just because your depressed, you can't run away from your problems but confront and face them. Don't jeopardize your education over some girl who've you dated and still care for and because of lack of friends. Somebody may become your friend. Maybe not this year but next year. Be happy. Because if you're miserable it will drive people away from you. Work with your therapist. But despite you getting help, YOU at the end of the day needs to change your way of thinking.

    However if something seems fishy, leave it alone. Because if you tell her, she will assume it's because you're just jealous. And that may not be the case. Because she may or may not be with him if she doesn't want to try or feel the same way.

    • Hey there, I decided to log in again (Chrome on mobile doesn't even do anything with its adjusted settings, wonder why... sorry for the late response) and saw this, fully read everything but the thing is that its clearly I always do think on this before I act; normally I have some predictions that I have no clue if they might happen. (Again, I double check everything before confirming) And also about the "something seems fishy" part, I always check... Normally I ain't one of those people that do news reports; but I have my part to do a full research. But thank you for the tips overall.

  • I think she was probably lying to you as an excuse to break up.
    Anyway, it is considered socially okay if she goes out with a 16 year old. No one really forbids that.

    • A normal 16 year old, I am gonna let it fly. But this is about a weirdo 16 year old. Could be; currently doing more research and gonna try to connect this to some recent drama that has been going on if its true.

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