I'm confused, i'm getting mixed signals?

I've been hanging out with this guy. We had sexual intercourse and he said he just wants to be friends, and have fun, etc. However he always texts me, sometimes calls me, gets angry if i hang out with there guys or if i go to parties. He always asks who i'm hanging out with and seems to get angry and blunt when i mention it's a guy... What is his deal? Usually when you get friend zoned it's because they aren't interested in you. so?


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  • He sees you as property. He only wants you fucking him. It isn't because of feelings

    • We've had sex once, and that's it. He hasn't tried since.

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    • so i guess i cut him out completely?

    • That's what I'd do

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  • He just wants you as his sex-buddy but he wants control over you're interactions to make sure no other guy has sex with you. That's a controlling, manipulative personality and I suggest ending your involvement before it becomes a problem.