I need advice about how to go about talking to a girl I haven't seen in a while. Should just go for it or plan out something?

I saw this chick that I used to have a huge crush on back in the day this weekend at a bar. We briefly talked and went our separate ways. She then showed up at this after party I was at and we played flip cup together all night. So fast forward to today at work (me and my brother own a sports nutrition store) and she comes walking in to buy some stuff. She stays a whole two hours (the store wasn't busy) and chats with me. Should I just ask her on a date or how should I go about this situation?


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  • Yep! Ask her out.. no girl "accidentally" walks into your work and spends two hours talking to you. She's fishing. If you're interested, you've got the green light!

    • That's what I think too, I'm terrible at reading stuff like this. I wrote it off as her just being nice lol.

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    • Alright, what's the worst that can happen right? Lol

    • Good attitude!

  • most definitely go for it she's definitely interested but don't seem to desperate that could spoil things take her maybe to a dinner and movie something that she'll remember if you two ever get serious


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