Are East Indian Women Living in the US Attracted to Men Outside of their Culture?

I had a routine dental exam today. I did notice ahead of time that a new dentist took over the practice and I saw that it was an Indian name. (There are a lot of fine people here in the city where I live who are of East Indian descent.) Turns out it was a nice looking lady. (I did not realize ahead of time it was a woman's name.) LOL She was drilling me with somewhat personal questions. I am originally from the nearby large metro area as is she. She doesn't like it in the more "country" like city here all that much. She asked me if I would consider moving back to the metro area, which I said I would NOT like to move back to. LOL... Dang I think she was "interested"... LOL... When I was leaving the office, she was in a chair doing paperwork giving me "the eye" and squirming in her seat...

Funny the other day I was just thinking that I would like to meet and Indian lady locally as many are pretty good looking and friendly. This dentist is probably a bit too dominant of a personality for me though, but darn cute!


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  • Ohhh yeah, if you're white you've got a good bet.

    • Yes I am white and I have noticed over the years Indian and Middle Eastern ladies showing interest. I'd imagine some of them would like to hook up with a guy out of their culture. Any idea why? They like the look, or are more interested in not staying within their culture?

    • I might be reaching here but I'm under the impression that indian culture promotes a white beauty standard. They like pale and light eyes. Middle eastern is pretty much the same.

    • LOL Yeah I have blue eyes and slightly graying brown hair. They might think I'm hot... LOL! They might be attracted to the more laid-back culture also.

  • I'm Indian and I check out men outside of my culture all the time.

    • Would your family approve if you dated a guy outside of your culture?

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    • LOL This lady was cute but a bit too aggressive of a personality for me. LOL... But then again you have to be pretty aggressive to go through all of the education to become a dentist. // I'd imagine she would prefer to date outside of her culture since normally the man would have the say in everything in her culture? I don't mean to over-generalize.

    • I disagree. That's just called being smart and ambitious. It doesn't make them an over all aggressive person. Indian in general are known to strive for the best. And I know lots of American Indians that are in the medical field and still end up getting married to Indian men. That's another thing about us Indian, we never forget our culture and our morals/values. But, of course not all Indian women end up getting arranged marriages or even end up marrying indian men. More and more Indians are slowly starting become more open minded. My family, however, is not. And I'm fine with it.

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  • I'm sure it's possible since she does live here in the USA