Should I even care?

So I met this guy a few weeks ago & he has been pretty great so far. Easy going, respectable, funny etc. We've been on a couple of dates so far nothing major but we enjoy getting to know each other. Now the thing about him (which is a good thing) he is very open and honest. He recently brought up the topic about ex's. To find out he and his ex broke up just only a few weeks ago and I feel like its too fresh. He explained they've been drifting apart and he lacked attention from her so he broke up with her. FINE but he has been bringing it up at least 4x since he told me the first time two weeks ago lol. He keeps bringing up that he's shocked tht she hasn't tried fighting for the relationship at all! But i told him "everything happens for a reason" (my only input) but also in the back of my mind I really could care less lol... So at this point he brought it up again in a conversation and I'm wondering what should I do? How do I reply? Should I care? Do I make cocky cute remarks? I don't know lol I know he needs time to get over the situation but damn its getting annoying lol help
Should I even care?
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