Sitting across a table bad for first date?

I want to know if anyone has ever been successful having a first date where you sit face to face across a table from each other.

I have not.

The main thing is that there is no way for any incidental touch to happen with a table in the way. And if that doesn't happen, all the following types of touch can't either and it is impossible to be anything other than "just friends".

The other thing is that it is just too face-to-face. You are constrained to give each other 100% positive body language for a long period of time. The development of sexual attraction requires push and pull and variety of attention. Sitting like this just makes that impossible.

I want there to be a law against having face-to-face, across-the-table first dates.


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  • most people sit across from each other on dates. that's normal. ur the one with the problem, sorry but everyone else does it stop making excuses as for why you cant

    • Different strokes for different folks. I prefer to not be in a friend zone.

    • Sitting across the table doesn't mean your in the friend zone. Most of the couples I rarely see sitting next to each other have been together for years/married/engaged stuff like that. Not on a first date.

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  • I sit face-to-face and won't have it any other way if I have a choice.


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  • I used to think the same until I did some experimenting. I went on around 15 dates with different women and cracked this routine out.

    Basically the part where you sit face-to-face is time for just making her laugh and talk. If conversation goes well all good.

    Next walk her to her car/train/wherever. On the way talking say something to make her laugh and grab her hand at the same time. Don't let go of that hand.

    After walking for a little longer (hopefully you still have the hand) just stop randomly, she'll stop too. Pull her in towards you and make out.

    Obviously if she resists at some point she's not into you, but that's pretty easy to tell from how well the conversation goes, and how she reacts when you take her hand.

    • Hmm, thanks. If I ever wind up in that situation again, I'll give it a try.

      Girls, can you see how ridiculously technical it can be to win you over? The timing of the hand grab has to be matched precisely to the laughing at the joke. Otherwise supposedly you and the guy are doomed to never be in love. It sure makes me wish I was a bonobo monkey sometimes. ;)

    • Haha. It's not technical, I just use the laugh to give myself permission. I also timed it once with walking past a certain pole.