Did he liked me?

I texted him my new number and he said ''no'' and i was like... who is this? And then he got angry and put his name in his status and he still has it after a year as some kind of reminder that i should not forget who he is. And then he said mean things like you were just a rebound and i regret meeting a person like you. We hung out for a while nothing was official so.. and ten one da he made this rude comment of how i shouldn't think i made it ''dont assume your already in and estimate your place in the piramid'. I got angry and lied to him saing good be im of o chill with another guy and it was around 8pm, he got sarcastic and said i should talk about more thing he isn't interested in.


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  • You should probably stop talking to him. No, I don't think he actually liked you. On contrary, I think he disliked you a lot.


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