Girl I like lIves 2 hours away for college how do I talk to her/get her?

I've known this girl (Abigail) since 6th grade in middle school, and we grew up and graduated high school and moved on to college, and I stayed in my hometown University and she went to hours south of our hometown. She and I didn't really talk much. She was known as the prettiest girl in my high school, but I didn't really notice how pretty she was until NOW. We worked at the MN state fair together in high school but were in different departments, yet passing by on the first day she said hi. The only other time I talked to Abigail, we were walking into school; she was in front a bit, I was trailing behind a bit (not creepily to close). Then, Randomly (since we never really talked before) I asked her about speech team (we were both planning to join) and she gave me the most confused look ever haha all I asked was "are you gonna do speech this year" and she was like "No I decided not to" and looked back as we walked in the doors of school with a weird face, but I just smiled back. She's one of the only girls who right away wasn't clearly interested in me or I couldn't tell (which is why I like her, getting her is like a challenge for me and I genuinely want to get to know her, it's definitely not just about sex I wanna really get to know her). We're still friends on Facebook, and I follow her on Instagram and twitter, and I feel on social media is where I'll have to get her attention / be able to start a conversation and actually talk to the woman. One plan I had of seeing her was (since I'm a musician) I would host a show in town around when Abigail comes back home to visit. Then, I’ll invite my friend bailee (who really likes my music) and hopefully Bailee will bring Abigail (bailee and Abigail apparently have been really good friends for a while). Basically, I was thinking If I somehow hang out with Bailee, Abigail (the girl I like) might happen to come along. That's one plan, please give me some ideas and plans on how to talk to/get this girl Thanks!
Girl I like lIves 2 hours away for college how do I talk to her/get her?
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