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I have a problem. I am in love with my ex and my current man. There are qualities that I love and some that I hate of both of them I don't know how to decide which one to be with. My ex and I have history but a lot of it isn't so good. He has been working on his bad points in order win me back (sooner rather than later). My current and I have some not so good points in our relationship too but it's willing to work on things with me. My ex loves everything about me and wants to be with me for me not just my looks. My current says he loves me but can't stand who I am as a person. Both relationships involved a lot of fighting.

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  • You should choose me, point blank. Kay enough, auuuum. Your Ex sounds a lot better right now. why start over with a guy your not 100% sure about.


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  • If and doubt... walk away from them both and be happy girl!!!


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  • Walk away from both.

  • Is there a third option?


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