Does it sound like I've been friend zoned by the shy/anxious girl I like?

So, there's a girl I like. We've known each other for s while now. We chat every day constantly on and off until she goes to bed. When we chat she'll send me like 10-15 short messages on one subject. She'll share with me stuff from her past, like childhood photos, memories stuff like that. She'll tell me about her anxiety, her awkwardness cause we are both similar in that respect. I'll get selfies of her a lot and cute photos of her cats etc. That she'll find either cute or funny. Yesterday, she sent me this meme that said "I can hear you crying do you want some garlic bread" with the caption "I need someone like this in my life" hinting here? I'm not sure. I really do care about this girl a lot but don't want to ruin our friendship just in case I am friend zoned. Also, she was the one that added me with this other girl too I'm in a group chat with them which is where she talks a lot but the other friend doesn't. Well, not that much.


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  • yeah it does


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