Do you think it's easier to get attached if you have a lot in common with someone?

This doesn't happen often, but I've found at times that I naturally get attached to a girl if we have a lot in common, and she's very attractive, along with our conversations flowing really well as opposed to someone who I don't really click with.

Is this natural? I mean it rarely happens but the thing that sucks is when it ends, I have a harder time getting over them.

I hate that it happens, but when it does I'm a thing least self aware and give them space so I don't come off overly interested.

Most of the time, I could be open to seeing a person and play it by ear but sometimes I feel getting attached to someone is inevitable.

It kinda makes me feel like liking someone or seeing a lot of potential does more damage than help.


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  • Yeah I think it's natural. Happens to me sometimes. When you have more things in common, and the more you talk and realize that you both have similar interests there's an instant click. And there's more to talk about. I remember recently reading an article about "opposites attract" and how now it's not all true. I frequently get along more with guys who have the same interests as me and more in common, as opposed to someone who has such diverse interests.
    It does suck when it's over but all we can do is move on to a new adventure :)

    • Yeah that whole "opposites attract" is bs. The only times it can work is if you're both open to discovering each other's interests and hobbies.

      I mean my situation with this girl who had a ton in common with me was tricky. We got along fine and bonded over a lot common interests but she was on the rebound and I didn't find out till later.

      It ended pretty bad too but when I told a friend about it, they're like you need to quit getting so attached and I was like um, this never happens. As if it was some problem I have with a lot of women I date but in fact, it's quite the opposite.

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  • Having things in common is good for relationships.
    That opposites attract thing only works in movies.


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  • I think you can get attached if you have a lot in common actually. I feel you bro. :/

    • Yeah and when you tell others about it, they think you're putting them on a pedestal but really you aren't.

  • Yes, absolutely.


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  • Yes, of course.

  • Yeah met a friend who I had a great chat with, and damn now I fancy her.

    • Any interest in dating her?

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    • Who knows, did anything progress from that? I mean should have thrown hints and maybe you missed them?

      I mean if she was doing it that much, then yes she could be but sometimes it could be you reading into things.

    • Haha good point. Though she definitely did the hair a lot. She is a very outgoing person, but nevertheless was laughing and engaging A LOT. I mean we talked about lots and lots of things and she seemed to be asking me lots of questions and I enjoyed listening to her talk.

      Great time, it felt pretty good. She did seem affectionate, a little flirty and enjoying herself. As for hints, how do you mean? I mean, we discussed relationships and stuff briefly, I know she's single haha now.

      If I lived closer I'd probably try to meet up more often. We definitely future projected about stuff.

      Hints, how do u mean? What other signs should I have seen?