Potential first boyfriend but I think I scared him away?

I'm 17 and I've never had a boyfriend, I've liked guys but have been too shy to ever make a move until this year.
The guy I like, I'll refer to him as "Juhn". He and I go to two different high schools but see each other everyday during our Early College Program. I don't have any classes with him but we've looked at each other like we'e wanted to talk to the other but are just too shy.
Around the first week of November he popped up in the "People you may know" section on Facebook and I saw we had a mutual friend who goes to his school so I decided to send him a friend request. A week or so after that I decided I would walk up and talk to him, which I did and we talked before having to go to our classes. Later that week a female friend of mine was talking to me at our high school and she told me she sent Juhn a friend request. I didn't mind her doing so.
Juhn and I haven't talked besides that one time but if I'm sitting at a table doing homework and chatting with a friend, he usually stays within a close proximity as if he's waiting for my friend to leave so he can join me... that or he's sitting with his friends and I'm far too shy to go up to him with them around.
Last night my female friend told me over Facebook that he accepted her friend request, at first I was excited and hopeful he would accept mine as well but he didn't. She told me I should cancel my request and resend it but I didn't because don't want to seem desperate..
I was just wondering if I scared him away by not talking to him more than just that one time or maybe he was never interested in me and I read too much into things?

My mom thinks it has something to do with us being different races and guys aren't always confident to date outside their race. She also says "If a guy really wants to talk to you, whether he's with his friends or not, he'll make an effort to do so. "

Also, he is Korean and moved to the US a couple years ago.
Potential first boyfriend but I think I scared him away?
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