Would you be mad if someone lied to you about not being a virgin after sex?

I'm a 25 year old virgin guy. Reason is because I used to be a serious Christian and when I was 18 I joined the priest hood and became a priest at 20.

Last year I stopped believing and now I'm an atheist. But I'm a 25 year old virgin and I'm ashamed of it. And I have to now let go of my religious past and learn to live as a nonreligious person. I met this girl and she's really cool. She had like 3 long term partners before me. I lied to her and told her I had a few partners from long term relationships, because I wanted to seem more "normal" and less Lame.

We had sex for the first time earlier today, So right now I am no longer a virgin. It was amazing for me and according to her she liked it a lot.

But I feel guilty I lied to her, and that she doesn't know that I was a virgina and she was my first. I never told her because I was afraid she would think less of me. Or worse she wouldn't want to be with me.

My question for girls is..
How would you feel personally if you were in these girls shoes?

My question for guys is what would you do in my shoes?


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  • Well, you didn't have sex bc of religious reasons, any person wouldn't think that's weird. So I dont think she would mind. You should tell her the truth. Maybe she'll like to be your first. I wish i was my bf's first, i hate to think that he put his penis in other women's vaginas.

    • In my experience people find waiting for sex because of Christianity specifically lame. That's at least been my persoanl experience

    • I didn't wait, i'm not religious, i believe in God but that's it. I think it's a little lame, but i don't think people who do that are lame, i respect them and what they believe in no matter how lame or whatever it is. And if someone knows that about you, it's not the extent of your personality, it's not everything about you, and it doesn't mean that everything about you is lame, you might be a cool person but believe in something lame or like something lame, but it doesn't define who you are. If she thinks it's so important to be with someone who's not a virgin, she's the lame one. You know what are the most important things to consider in a person. And it's not virginity.

    • In my experience when a man want's to wait to marriage because of christianity its seen as silly, even though there are lots of good reasons why a chrstian would want to wait until marriage.

      But when a muslim man waits, he's understood more

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  • Even though it's good to be honest you have something good you got it good here at the moment so don't ruin it does not matter now your no longer a virgin just tell her that's the best sex you have ever had even though it's a lie because she is his your first but it's not a seriously terrible lie so don't worry about if you feel like you don't want to lie to her them tell her by all means but if she really likes you she would get over it


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  • well yeah, cuz they LIED.


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  • You aren't the first guy who told that lie. Nothing dramatic, in my opinion.
    Either you admit you lie, or you just don't talk again about your virginity or lack of it.
    If you admit you lied, she'll smile about it.

  • I wouldn't tell her, I understand why you said you've had experience, you had to lie because you were scared she wouldn't bother with you because you're a virgin.