Can you sleep with someone with no feelings for that long?

Hi Guys, i'm heart broken tonight. I was in a "open relationship" with a guy for 2 years.
I truly wasn't suffering, we had an amazing connection on all levels. Sex was passionate and intense.
It actually started with dating, but we broke it off some many times that i wasn't seeing him as long term potential. He is also out of town half year for work, so he's life style isn't suited for a relationship.
I dated other people, always missed him and he would take me back.
We did activities together, even met his friends (they were jealous of the "fire" between us). He showed a tone of PDA in front of his friends and even said he wants to have kids with me.
We kept having sex, i was living in the moment. One night he told me 3 times that he loved me (first time in two years). Then he left for work again and wan't texting me much.
I broke up with him again.
today i missed him... texted him.
he told me he wants to see me for sex only. That he is not in a place and mindset in his life to be able to have a girlfriend.
i knew it probably won't work out. But i recently i wanted to give us a chance.
Now that he told me this, i feel totally used. I feel that he has feeling for me... but on the other side he just reduced me to a booty call.

Any thoughts?
Can you sleep with someone with no feelings for that long?
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