Guys, if you had this kind of interaction with a female, what would you think you were to her? Or what is going on?

This is hypothetical. Guys that have a Facebook would be more helpful but I'll welcome all men.

say you were friends with a girl on Facebook for 5 or so months. You've never met in person. You talked throughout that whole time on and off. weeks may go by without talking, but then there are several conversations that have lasted all night long (8 hours straight) and some where you talked many times a week. You connect and have similar interests. You've talked about doing sexual things (like making out, kissing each other etc). You've shared things about yourselves, not super in depth but things that allow you to know the other more. You like each other's posts and pictures. You've been talking about what you Would do together when you meet, in detail (not sexual, just things). You both want to meet up when you can.

What would you think was going on? What are you to her and what is she to you? Would you think you had something?

  • I'd think we had something.
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  • I wouldn't think much of it, it is meaningless.
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  • Other? Comments VERY appreciated !
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And by something, if you want to expand what that something is?


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  • She's probably attention seeking on the internet because she's lonely. Unless things progress to real life contact over the phone, setting up dates and actually meeting in person and spending time together, then she's just playing games to feel special.

    • But what if she's the one asking you out and your situation has been what has prevented the meeting

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    • Something = a date (even a free date), hanging out and chilling, fucking, or where ever you want to take it. I mean spending time together.

    • Situation is long and I'm kinda too lazy to type it. It's not relevant really.

  • I said meaningless ONLY because the chance of being catfished is very high unless you video chat.

    • Well you've seen her once before just have not met

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    • Like you work at a place and she walked by once but was too shy to say hi but you saw her too.

    • Then yes it's real over text but it'll never be good enough if they're too shy to say anything in person