Tricky situation. Do I give the guy a chance or should I write him off?

So I started online dating. This guy and I seemed to have hit it off, but then he drops the bomb that he's recovering from being addicted to pain medications. He said he's been sober for nearly a year, and he doesn't see himself ever going back to that lifestyle. Is it okay to give him a chance or should I not even consider letting this get any further? Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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  • It's absolutely ok to give him a chance! As a former drug user myself (who is completely recovered), I'd be offended if someone didn't give me a chance for something in my past. Appreciate the fact that he was brave enough to admit this to you (that's a big step in itself) and focus on where he is now in life as well as where he plans to go!

    • Thanks so much for your opinion! It's actually a relief to hear that I'm not out of my mind for considering someone who's gone through this.

    • You're not out of your mind at all! An addiction is a pitfall. It doesn't make the person.. in fact, often times they're better for having gone through it! Good luck 😘

    • This is encouraging. Thanks again!

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  • Give him a chance. Everyone deserves a chance. This could open new doors for the both of you, especially him.

    • Thank you for your reply! I definitely feel better hearing this.

    • You're welcome!