Thing's are not working out with my crush?

I really don't know what to do, what to think... all I know is that I'm sad, my heart aches and I'm really confused.

I fell in love with this girl, I thought she felt the same way... but I guess she didn't... I asked her out, and she indirectly said no...

But she continued flirting with me, we were all hanging out one day, with workmates and I saw she was with a guy... her boyfriend I think... I was really upset because I had no idea she had one.

We stopped being friends, maybe she didn't understand why? She tried talking to me, even started venting about her boyfriend but I didn't bite.

It took a year to get over her, and when I was we started talking and I found out she was single... I didn't feel right asking her out, and she was being cold so I thought it was best to give her a bit of space.

I tried to talk to her about feelings one/asking out ine day... but she knew right away and said she was busy and became even more cold.

Finally now, I just am ignoring everything and she is too and she is starting to warm up to me a bit... Just pretending nothing happened, which I hate... as things will stay a bit awkward but she doesn't want to talk about feelings.

I now heard a rumor she is dating, I don't know if it's her ex, a new guy or it's just a rumor...

I'm just really sad, my heart aches and I'm lost and confused... I love her, but why couldn't things just work out? Why couldn't timing be better?

I'm so confused...


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  • She is just not interested in you. You need to move on.

    • I'm having a hard time moving on, I just want her to open up and be honest with me :(

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  • You know, I think it's pretty clear that she's not interested in anything other than being a friend. Women can change their mind and have been known to, but you need to just move on and find someone new. If she comes around, then fine but you're make no mistake -- you're doing this to yourself. From what you said above, she's never once gone out with you, never once suggested anything so it's all been in your head. There are a gazillion women in the world and they're all available. Take five or six of them out.

    • She's one in a gazillion

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