Thing's are not working out with my crush?

I really don't know what to do, what to think... all I know is that I'm sad, my heart aches and I'm really confused.

I fell in love with this girl, I thought she felt the same way... but I guess she didn't... I asked her out, and she indirectly said no...

But she continued flirting with me, we were all hanging out one day, with workmates and I saw she was with a guy... her boyfriend I think... I was really upset because I had no idea she had one.

We stopped being friends, maybe she didn't understand why? She tried talking to me, even started venting about her boyfriend but I didn't bite.

It took a year to get over her, and when I was we started talking and I found out she was single... I didn't feel right asking her out, and she was being cold so I thought it was best to give her a bit of space.

I tried to talk to her about feelings one/asking out ine day... but she knew right away and said she was busy and became even more cold.

Finally now, I just am ignoring everything and she is too and she is starting to warm up to me a bit... Just pretending nothing happened, which I hate... as things will stay a bit awkward but she doesn't want to talk about feelings.

I now heard a rumor she is dating, I don't know if it's her ex, a new guy or it's just a rumor...

I'm just really sad, my heart aches and I'm lost and confused... I love her, but why couldn't things just work out? Why couldn't timing be better?

I'm so confused...
Thing's are not working out with my crush?
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