Not Friends on Facebook... Is it a Bad Sign?

My boyfriend and I were, and still technically are, friends on Facebook, but it's a bit more complicated than that. He has broken up with me a couple times for stupid reasons and is still apologizing for it and being really hard on himself for doing it. We both are over the break ups and are set on spending forever together. As far as I know we have a really great relationship, we trust each other with everything, we discuss things instead of fighting about them, we have the same goals in life, and we have really amazing communication skills. As far as I know there is no reason for us to ever break up. The only thing that bugs me about our relationship is that he created a different Facebook account than the one he originally had when we first got together. It bugs me because I've been thinking about becoming 'Facebook official' for a while, and don't really know how to bring this up to him because I'm terrible with words. All of his friends are friends with him on his new account, so I'm curious as to why he doesn't currently want to be friends. I know he trusts me, and I'm very sure he isn't hiding something from me... So what gives? Why is he doing this?
Not Friends on Facebook... Is it a Bad Sign?
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