How to determine signs of a girl is interested?


So when I was talking to this girl I'm gonna call my "ex" their was this girl on my team that looked like her and I'm gonna call that girl "mei" so my ex agreed. because I found "mei's" Instagram.. Now after a while my ignorance got the best of me along with ADHD my "ex" stopped talking to me 6 times.. So when school started next year it was really hard because whenever I see "mei" i see my "ex". And all the bad things I did and said come back too me. And haunts me. and I can't get over it..

-->(BTW "MEi" IS MY COACHES cousin..)<--

So since me & "mei" are on the same team

scenario #1

sport we see each other.
So one day during conditioning I was doing burpees and "mei" was behind me. So I accidentally hit and believe accidentally happened to tap her finger with my nikes. But she didn't care. So 2 burpess I catch her looking at me when I look under my legs if that makes sense. So then i just move away, and continue on.

we hit the bleachers and whenever she stopped she would wait for me and go on In front of me. which was about 3 times. whenever that happmeded id speed up because I dont feel comfortable running behind a female because well "because". so I'd always pass "mei". then when back to the room where we meet up for the ending of practice "mei" tends to walk near me, But my coach a. k. a her cousin is always around. so literally I'm am so scared to even look in her remote direction, and yet again I speed up. that has happened. more than a dozen times.

first time I meet eye to eye with "mei".
so while drilling my collar hone breaks because it couldn't handle any more weight. when I heard I break I roll over on my back and my partner who i was drilling with gets off. And as for me I go on my back slamming my fist on the mat, while I look up I see "mei" looking at me and then our eyes meet and she was stunned and scared because she just had recently joined the team. after our eyes meet my eyes go blurry and Im out of text2type

yes she admires you
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How to determine signs of a girl is interested?
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