Am I crazy for missing him?

i haven't seen my crush for about a week now. dont know if his on leave, if his sick or what.

i feel sad at work like something is missing.
what to do? i can't deal with this feeling lol damn.


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  • You'll be ok. You're just feeling this because you're really young. Young love and infatuation is really strong and almost obsessive so it's just something you'll have to get through. In fact, in 5-10 years, you'll look back fondly on your ability to be so consumed by someone and wonder how you ever were able to feel that way.

    • lol haha

      i guess so. but i dont agree 100%
      but thanks for the insight

    • omw can you believe i just saw him haha lol
      my heart was beating outta my chest

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  • You're not crazy, that is normal.