Why Won't He Hang Out With Me?

Alright so I've been trying to make these plans to hangout with this guy but it feels like he doesn't want too. Like I told him I was going to the movies and offered him to go, he said sure and asked what time, who's going. I told him the time and who was coming. He then just said he was joking and he told me that the reason why he said yes was to make sure I wasn't getting with my boyfriend (which I don't have one). He also told me that he doesn't get off work till very late like 11 at night, every night. So I tried telling him that we could go after work to see a movie very late? He told me yes that we would see a movie. So later on I got a text from him asking if we were still going to be sure and I told him yes. When it finally came to that time, it was getting almost to that time and I didn't get a text from him to let me know he was off of work. So I texted him around the time he should be out and asked if we were going. He asked if I could drive out to the movie theater that was out by his house. I told him that I couldn't drive that far out because I'm not allowed to drive in that town by my parents (he knew this because we've had many conflicts before about me driving). He then said that he didn't want to go now because he was too tired to drive and that he wanted to clean his house. I felt a little insulted because why would cleaning a house be more important? So I tell him this and he just told me he was sorry but everything would be fine and talk to you later. its been over a day and I haven't gotten anything else back.

Now I feel like he doesn't ever want to hangout because we barely get to see each other and he isn't really trying to make plans. I understand that he would be tired from work but I don't know I just feel like he doesn't want to spend time. I really don't know what too do like should I not talk to anymore? should I try again? What should I Do?


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  • He's not interested in you.


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