Does he like me?

I like this guy, and we've started talking more but he seems to talk to other girls more. At first he was sweet, and kinda quiet but now I've gotten to know him better and he's more outgoing and talkative and jokes more often. He said another girl had pretty hair, but then turns around and winks at me and calls me babe. And I normally sc him saying hey or something but when I didn't come to school he sc me like 3 times saying where are u, are you sick, how r u feeling, and stuff. Then I told him I wouldn't come and he said oh no, you gotta come to school. I need you real bad. I just don't know if he's like this with other girls, or just me. I really like him tho, and he keeps hinting that he needs a date to formal. Plus he always makes me laugh, and tries to compliment me in Spanish saying your eyes are pretty and stuff like that because I'm latina. I just don't know if he's a fuck boy, or if he really likes me... Help? 😂
by the way we're the same age, in hs, and we met because he was new so I went up to him and introduced myself. I like making new friends haha so ya since then we've been talking. He always talks to these 2 other girls and it's obvious they flirt with him. They kept asking him for his sc and he said he didn't have one, but then he grabbed my phone from my hand and entered in his sc. They later found out and added him but I don't know if they talk to him too...


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  • Ask him out. Easiest solution!

    • Well, in your opinion, what do u think he'll say?

    • I think he would say yes.
      But it's the story of always: are you willing to be your whole life wondering what it could've been? Or would you "risk" it? Worst case scenario is that he says no and you feel rejected for a week. Then you move on, easy peasy :)

    • Ya. I understand you. Thanks for the advice, and your completely right.

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