Are we more than just friends?

I have been best friends with this guy for 5.5 years now. We do almost everything together and what we don't do together we are each other's cheer leaders. We've always had thing kind of special connection. We tell each other everything, even secrets that are shoved deep down. Back in high school we would sit at his house and talk for hours. Now we just FaceTime. It wasn't normal guy conversation but our feelings, hopes, dreams, and fears. I find him staring at me a lot. And it's this deep staring that lasts way beyond making eye contact. When I hug him it's like all is right with the world and nothing can hurt me. He's been there and held me through my hardest times in life and I've been there for him. Every single one of his past girlfriends has hated me at some point. No I did nothing to my knowledge to anger them. They all claimed our history was too much and our connection is too strong for comfort.

So is there something there that we just aren't seeing or is everyone else seeing things?
Are we more than just friends?
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