I buggered up, come and laugh at my misery?

A girl, for this I'll refer to her as J, asked me who I had a crush on last week, I lied and said the most attractive person I know, cos I didn't really fancy anyone, since then I've realised that I really quite like J, and she is always nice to me, she's pretty and she actually listens to me.
Today, I asked one of her friends if she was in a relationship, she (the friend) said that she (J) isn't, and that her and I would make a cute couple. This friend then proceeded to tell everyone in the room that I was gonna ask J out. So J may or may not know I like her, she may or may not like me, and she may or may not think I'm fickle, because of what I said last week.

What do I do?

I asked her out today her response was "we'll talk later" before skipping down the corridor, she looked shocked... What does this mean?


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  • Say you just said something you didn't mean and ask her out. She most certainly likes you.


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  • Just tell her the truth - that you spoke without thinking much, but when you thought, you realized you like her a lot.


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